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Be You to the Power of Two - Supporting friends to support each other


These workshops for pairs of people empower both participants to explore sustainable and enjoyable self-care and self-development strategies together.  This can be done in a community or workplace setting, for friends or colleagues. 


In the one-off or series of sessions, participants are guided to:

  • Reflect on their values and vision for different areas of their lives using the wheel of wellbeing.

  • Discuss and learn from each other about wellbeing strategies in pairs and within the larger group.

  • Notice and explore ways they can keep themselves stuck and then change the script using simple language changes.

  • Utilise visualisation and journalling techniques to energise realistic actions that will support their wellbeing.

  • Practise methods for connecting conversation techniques that they can continue in their support partnership in the future.

  • Set goals and explore how they can best support each other in our choices.

  • Establish agreements of how they can continue to support each other as accountability partners.

Get in touch to find out about how you can get involved or host these sessions within your organisation. 

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