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The Joy Ethic Show

A radio show and podcast dedicated to helping you live a happier, more connected life. Each episode is carefully crafted to boost your well-being, sense of purpose, and connection. Join us as we share inspiring stories from real people, accompanied by uplifting music and friendly conversations with organisations that offer valuable advice and activities. 

Whether you're an adult in the Manchester area or simply curious about making positive changes in your life, this show is designed for you. Tune in live on All FM every 3rd Friday of the month. If you happen to miss an episode, don't worry! You can catch up and listen to previous shows on catchup via Spotify and Mixcloud.


Listened to the show, and feel inspired to connect with an individual or organisation you heard on an episode? Simply click here to find all previous guests' details.

Love the collaborative feel and want to get involved as a guest or collborator?  Join the Joy Ethic Podcast Club!

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