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Joy Ethic

Wellbeing that Works

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Joy Ethic is a social enterprise with wellbeing for all as its aim.

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Joy Ethic has wellbeing as a core value. Not the type of wellbeing which ticks boxes. We are deeply committed to living authentically, purposefully, and in wholehearted connection to others. Our own healing journeys are integral to all that we share with others and those we work alongside. Our core aim is to help people uncover true self-esteem, a sense of purpose and connection with others in order to make a meaningful contribution to their family, community and society.

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Joy Ethic values purpose and connection.  We put our values into action by providing wellbeing experiences in workplaces and communities that help individuals to connect to themselves and the people around them in meaningful ways. See our current offerings here.

Connecting to our purpose and values by serving others and having fun.




Through community-focused initiatives, our goal is to join people together in mutually empowering ways, building meaningful relationships that help make our neighbourhoods happier ones to live in. 

We support mental wellbeing in the community through the steps of:

◆ Connection with other people

◆ Reminiscence and storytelling

◆ Learning new skills

◆ Giving to others

◆ Paying attention to the present moment (mindfulness).

To learn more about current projects or collaborate to create one with us, get in touch.

To attend our current self-esteem and purpose workshops click here.

Community building workshops

Contact Jolene Sheehan or Claire Trivino,

Co-Directors of Joy Ethic.

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Wellbeing workshops and packages for organisations of all sizes -

Online and On-Site.

We deliver courses that offer:

  • Empowerment - the connection between our goals and our personal growth.

● Clarity - discerning & choosing from what is true.

● Vision & Purpose - the what, why & how.

● Self-esteem - uncovering the essential self.

● Self-acknowledgment - a method to complete on projects before moving on.

Joy Ethic also offers a range of other workshops and services, delivered by highly skilled facilitators.


We can combine any elements of the above to tailor a bespoke package to suit your organisation's needs, aims and budget. 

Choose from our available activities and let us help take the stress out of your wellbeing provision.    

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