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Joy Ethic is a social enterprise with wellbeing for all as its aim. The first branch of Joy Ethic coordinates talented and principled wellbeing facilitators to get into organisations and spread happiness by doing their wonderful thing. This helps fund the second community based branch, which creates supportive, connecting activities like The Story of Our Lives, a writing project which brought neighbours together to explore then record the lessons, memories and tales of older people in the Chorlton area.


Joy Ethic values purpose and connection.  We put our values into action by providing wellbeing experiences in workplaces and communities that help individuals to connect to themselves and the people around them in meaningful ways.

Wellbeing workshops and packages for organisations of all sizes

We have a range of highly skilled facilitators available to help deliver a bespoke package to suit your organisation's needs, aims and budget. 


Choose from our available activities and let us help take the stress out of your wellbeing provision.    

Connect to your purpose and values by serving others and having fun.

Through community-focused initiatives, our goal is to join people together in mutually empowering ways, building meaningful relationships that help make our neighbourhoods happier ones to live in. 

To learn more about future projects, get in touch.  

Here is the most recent community-building project we are involved in, an inter-generational group to tackle isolation and build relationships during the pandemic and beyond:

Community building workshops



"Jolene is a fantastic communicator who encourages and inspires.  Her events are always creative and artistic, two of Jolene’s many attributes. Every event I attended had a very special feeling of warmth and friendliness."

John Gray YB12 Coach and Business Owner

"Jolene's friendly, enthusiastic and compassionate nature is infectious and very encouraging for participants. Her warm and welcoming manner during these events initially encouraged me to join in and the way in which she organises and runs these sessions and has kept me coming back. I am always impressed by her determination to host an engaging and thought-stimulating event with structure and balance whilst consciously helping to create connections between strangers and to provide support for those in the local community. Events are well-advertised and managed and I would wholeheartedly recommend Jolene's work as a project organiser and workshop facilitator."

Tiffani Lewsley

"Jolene has proven herself to be not only an excellent events organiser but also a compassionate and enthusiastic facilitator. She shows great creativity and skill even when dealing with difficult or sensitive topics."

Ella Stacey


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